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“In a way, artists are ragged. If a name gets known, we begin looking at the paintings much more tenderly, than if it’s an unknown artist. I just think I’ve just been very fortunate because I was associated years ago with a marvellous group of painters and art editors, magazines, and art collectors. And so historically that group – after World War One, so many Europeans to flee the horrors of the war, the first time aeroplanes had been used to kill civilians – came to America. And there were a group of people, not interested in money, where art was concerned, but interested in what is the essence of art. To Hell with the jury system, which is a very false thing.”
From Beatrice Wood at 97, a film by Carole Ewing McCartney.

To see Beatrice Wood speak these words, and more about her youth and artistic training, see excerpt below …