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Looking for what to buy an art-loving friend for Christmas, and particularly a We Are Not A Muse-loving art-loving friend? Well help is at hand in the form of We Are Not A Muse‘s very own Christmas Gift Guide for 2015:




There are no shortage of Frida Kahlo-inspired gifts, from brooches to cushions to earrings, but our favourite is this handy-sized notebook:

1. Frida Kahlo Pocket Sketch, Not On The High Street, £4.95

The perfect size for carrying with you at all times, for whenever inspiration strikes, this pocket sketch features a cut out Frida, which can be used as a bookmark, in this notebook, or in the numerous art history tomes which don’t feature women artists. Do your bit for the We Are Not A Muse cause by re-inserting Frida!


It’s Christmas, so let’s face it, there is going to be a lot of time spent washing up dishes. So why dry them in We Are Not A Muse style with a:

2. Louise Bourgeois Teatowel, Tate, £35

The design on this tea towel is from Louise Bourgeois’s work ‘Virtues théologales (Flower)’. The words on the petals, roughly translated, read:  “Loves me, loves me not (passionately, crazily, not at all, with love, a little, a lot…”

Oh sod the drying up, this is too pretty, hang it on the wall to admire instead.


Adult colouring books are all the rage at the moment, but forget mandalas and mindfulness and get stuck into some 17C French magnificence , the wonderful work of Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun:

3. Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun Colouring Book (Cahier de coloriages Vigée Le Brun), Amazon, £9.08

20 outlines of works by one of the greatest French portrait painters, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun are here to be coloured in – shown alongside the originals, so you can copy the colours faithfully (lots of Pantone Colour of the Year 2016), or go mad and make up your own version. I bet Marie Antoinette would have loved to have had a green wig?


We’ve even included something for your pet:

4. Tracey Emin Docket Cat Bowl, Emin International Shop, £35

Featuring an image Emin made of her cat Docket in 2003, and the words ‘I love him, I love him’ and a kiss, what better way to show your feline friend that you care. Though they might start to get ideas above their station, demanding fresh tuna daily, as will be eating off fine china. Worth the risk I think.


Finally, if you are the crafty type and would prefer to make your own gift, or are simply a cheapskate strapped for cash, why not have a go at making a …

5. Barbara Hepworth Eraser/Desk Sculpture, £4.95

Simply purchase a Calvallini Eraser from Ebay, and using a sharp craft knife or scalpel, carve out an oval-shaped hole in the centre, and hey presto! If you want to take it further, grow some cress on moistened kitchen towel in a shallow tray, and place your mini Hepworth amongst it, for your very own desk-Hepworth sculpture park.

We hope you have liked these gift suggestions, if you have any others for us, we’d love to hear them – please do leave a comment below.